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Wednesday October 18, 2017
Google's Pixel 2: Smartphone Created for Artificial Intelligence
What's most fascinating about Google's new Pixel 2 phone is what's to come. The phone sets itself apart with promises to bake in Google's powerful artificial-intelligence technology.

Global Scramble To Patch Wi-Fi Flaw
While device-makers and software companies scramble to patch a vulnerability that potentially exposes every Wi-Fi session to hacking, another cryptographic flaw threatens the security of critical systems.

New AT&T Service Lets Cell and Desk Phones Act as One
The new AT&T Collaborate "Enhanced Mobile" service lets employees use their desk phone and mobile phone interchangeably, whether they are in the office or not, also with integrated voicemail.

Huawei Launches Mate 10 Pro with Built-In AI
Smartphone manufacturer Huawei's new top-end Mate 10 Pro takes aim at Samsung, Google, and Apple, with a large screen, competition-beating big battery, and artificial intelligence built in.

Target Jumps in on Retailers' Voice Shopping Trend
Discount retail giant Target is jumping into voice-activated shopping as it deepens its relationship with Google, offering thousands of items found in the store except for perishables like fruit and milk.

Save Yourself from Devastating KRACK Wi-Fi Hack Attack
A serious security weakness discovered in the WPA2 wireless networking protocol likely affects every device that supports Wi-Fi. Don't miss this important news on critical updates needed.

iPhone's Apple ID Demands: Annoying or Security Flaw?
The iPhone's habit of requesting your Apple ID with little explanation isn't just annoying -- it's also a security flaw that could allow attackers to craft extremely convincing phishing attacks.

Facebook's Oculus Tries To Find 'Sweet Spot' with New VR Headset
Mark Zuckerberg says Oculus will be releasing a new virtual reality headset for $199 next year that doesn't need to be tethered to a computer. Facebook bought Oculus in 2014 for $2 billion.

OnePlus Phones Collecting Private Data without Permission
Using the company's Android-based OxygenOS, OnePlus smartphones are leaking a considerable amount of users' activity data without their permission, according to a U.K.-based software engineer.


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