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Posted: 2017-02-25 @ 3:31pm PT
Thanks for an honest review. I've been looking forward to getting one of these machines so I can run the Skype app alongside Gmail, etc for work. Wow everyone! Criticise the reviewer who tells the truth as he sees it; label him "fanboy" - you all sound like Trump crying "fake news" at every story he doesn't like.

Posted: 2017-02-24 @ 10:28am PT
Apple fanboys at it again....

Posted: 2017-02-20 @ 12:47pm PT
what bollux, and this must be the tenth journal i've seen this article in, the tentacles of apple

Posted: 2017-02-19 @ 3:38pm PT
This is the only negative review I have read about the Samsung. It was reviewed in beta which isn't really helpful. Plus the reviewer is obviously very much an apple fan....

Posted: 2017-02-19 @ 6:41am PT
A reviewer who complains about the lack of an annoying non-feature (back lit keyboard) has nothing insightful or valuable to offer.

Posted: 2017-02-16 @ 1:49pm PT
So, a beta version of the software is not yet ready for prime time, and a pre-release piece of hardware has bugs. Key words are "beta" and "pre-release."


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